Biobase, Nucleic Acid Automatic Extraction System

BIOBASE is specialized in medical equipment and laboratory equipment products, with more than 200 existing high-tech products. A variety of products such as biological safety cabinets have passed the EU CE, EN, NSF, FDA and other authoritative certificates. 

With the latest isolation method of nucleic acid transferred by magnetic rods and preloaded magnetic beads-based extraction reagent, The YC702 Nucleic Acid Automatic Extraction System can process 1-32 samples and automatically isolate nucleic acids from various samples such as blood, cells, viruses, etc. The magnetic beads are adsorbed, transferred and released by the special magnetic rod, so as to realize the fully automated purification of nucleic acid.

Memmert, High-end functions for the protection of cell cultures, bacteria cultures or tissue cultures

Those who can control the temperature with the highest precision can also redefine precision time and time again. The control system of the Memmert CO2 incubator ICO is so finely tuned that the appliance reaches the setpoint temperature very quickly and without temperature overshoots. Alarm notifications to your mobile phone guarantee the safety of the chamber load, and the battery-buffered ControlCOCKPIT ensures continuous CO2 control even when there is a power failure. Ideal hygiene is a given too: rounded edges enable easy and thorough cleaning, the interior can be sterilised within 60 minutes at 180 °C.

Labnet,  Bioscience Research Equipment and Accessories

Founded in 1984, Labnet International started with the basic mission of supplying high quality, utility, and value to bioscience research laboratories. We have maintained that mission for over 30 years, and combined it with a focused effort on growing our business through new product introductions and expansion of our distribution network

At Labnet International we understand the need for precision, quality, and reliability in bioresearch equipment. Whether you’re conducting experiments in medical research, forensic biology, DNA analysis, or organic chemistry, we guarantee our products will meet and exceed your high expectations.


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